England’s Newest Professional Chamber Orchestra in decades.

The Sinfonia Stellaris (formerly The Kidderminster Festival Orchestra) is England’s first new professional Chamber Orchestra in decades. It consists of some 30 extraordinarily gifted professional Midland and London musicians, each with their own amazing story, who came together in 2017 under their Artistic Director – Annette Jackson – to both public and critical acclaim. This medium sized ensemble has the capacity to perform to the highest standard the challenging music from the Baroque period through to the early Romantics, and from the 20th century to the present day. TSS was formed with the specific intention of placing a top class professional orchestra into what many regard as the culturally  much-neglected area of North Worcestershire, South Staffordshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. It is a brand new orchestra with a mission.


The Artistic Director’s background is in composition, conducting (mainly with major Spanish orchestras) and teaching. It is the teaching experience in establishments such as the Purcell School, that has influenced her in forming, with the assistance of Julian Lloyd Webber, Principal of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire at the time of the orchestra’s formation, the TSS Young Graduate Programme. “It is our way of introducing young gifted performers into permanent seats within the orchestra and, to ensure that there are opportunities for the next generation of our young gifted musicians to join the profession” says Annette.


The Musicians’ Union Regional Organiser, Stephen Brown says “We have supported TKFO (Now TSS) with advice and encouragement to ensure that England’s newest Provincial Professional Orchestra gets the best start it can. No one should underestimate the determination and difficulties involved in establishing such an ensemble, or just how gifted the musicians are who have come on board to make it happen. I’d urge the public to sample the delights of this Professional Chamber Orchestra so they can say “I was there at the start.” Some of the excellent reviews, along with other information, may be found on this site.


“Annette Jackson has many musical gifts but two impressed me most, firstly as a conductor, she does not get in the way of the performance, for her movements are never distracting. Also, she directs entire concerts from her memory. No wonder Antal Dorati decided to help her at the beginning of her conducting career!” – Rachel Greenwood

“This splendid concert had a lovely choice of programme: the clarity and beauty of the orchestral playing was apparent right from the first bars of the Mozart, and the ensemble was first-rate throughout.” – Peter Knott